Monday, February 27, 2012

The countdown begins #100

As the saying (or song) goes..."You don't know what you got 'till it's gone." I want to prove that saying wrong and make the most of my last 100 days living, working, and traveling in Europe.  Realizing that I had exactly 100 days left today really made my decision to move home all the more real after over 4 years of having no concrete expiration date.  Thus, I have started this blog as a way to remember all the people, places, and things I love here and truly enjoy the last 100 days before I start a new chapter of my life.

I don't plan on this blog being anything fancy, and hopefully not too long winded... although I do tend to ramble when I write, so I apologize in advance!  I actually only had the idea to get this blog going a few minutes ago. It started with an attempt to prove my dear friend Flo wrong, when he mentioned I had less than 100 days left in Austria. Well, he was wrong but not by much! In 22 minutes it will be 99 days.  While leaving his apartment, he made me promise we'd fit in one last crazy weekend together for old times sake with a group of our friends.  It made me realize I probably have a lot of "lasts" coming up if I've only got so little time left... which is when the blog idea hit me. 

I have to hurry to get this post up before midnight so I don't have to lie about this being 100 days... So forgive me if this isn't the best blog in the world you've ever seen!  I may try to make it better tomorrow... or maybe I won't, it's more for me than it is you anyway!  

#100: I have to dedicate my first post to Flo... That's right Flo, this one's for you.  He has always made my time here exciting and fun (even when he takes you on a bike ride adventure you don't think you'll ever survive).  Tonight was no exception.  Chris and I were invited over to play "shit head" with Flo and Anna.  Shit head is a card game Chris brought back from the time he spent in Australia.  I both love and loathe this game.  Mostly because Chris usually wins, but also because he conveniently "makes up" rules to his and Flo's advantage, or so it seems.  In the last 3 years I've known Chris and Flo we've played shit head approximately 108 billion times. Even though I cringe at the thought of playing another game, I somehow can't resist whenever Flo calls and invites us over for another shit head night.  Probably because I'm bribed with wine and Doritos... or maybe because I'm just a natural shit head? Lucky for me, tonight was not my night to be the shit head... it was Flo's. (You only achieve the shit head title if you loose the most games). So another reason for me to celebrate and a great way to kick off my last 100 days.  


  1. Here's yesterday's shit head....Taylor - I already do miss you - and I know that it won't just be me but many many others here who will have to get along with the fact that someone very important to us will be permanently missing from the moment you are really gone back home - I know that there is skype and stuff...but how do you wanna play shithead via skype? ...but wait and look what i just found -
    so tay - think again - you CANNOT escape the game, even if you try to move away as far as you can as well stay - what you think??

    anyway - our crazy weekend is still up. and i really feel for your family and friends who will be more than happy to seeing you return - but please...give us the glimpse of hope that another return to austria in the blurry future is at least a possibility to get one of my dearest friends back on the bike with me :)

    big hugs from flo

  2. Taylor, can't believe it's only 99 days left now!
    But hey, this seems long enough for a couple of 'last'-things - I am signing up for one 'last' Cinnabon in Austria please ... and more than one Enigl-visit! (And I was sick last week, which is why I didn't call, but you also won't escape from me motivating you for swimming for the time being ;)